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Background Colours
backgrounds can be painted in any one of the seven background colors shown at right.  

All of the colours - except 'white'  - have a distinctive 'hammered' finish that adds a special texture to the sign.  

The color 'White' has a smooth finish that may develop some surface 'pitting' during the drying process. This 'pitting' is  characteristic of the paint and is not visible from a few feet away - but if this
effect is not acceptable to you, please choose one of the 'hammered' colors instead.



Black (hammered) Green (hammered) Blue (hammered)
Gold (hammered) Red (hammered) Stone (hammered)
White (smooth)    

Lettering and Trim colours
You can choose any combination of 'White', 'Gold' or 'Black'  for your letters, numbers and trim.

"White' provides the greatest contrast with any colour of background.  White lettering with gold or white trim look good on all background colours, and white lettering with white trim looks especially crisp and fresh on stone.

"Gold" looks good on every colour except  stone:  In particular, gold lettering together with  gold trim on a stone background make the sign look dull.

"Black" is excellent  on 'white' backgrounds, and sometimes works well on 'gold', but it looks dull on 'stone' and won't show up on any other background colour.
White Gold Black







Painting the emblems
All emblems are all painted individually by professional artists using the finest quality sign-writers' enamel paints, and all of them can be painted to your specifications at no extra charge.

Feel free to use your imagination in requesting what you'd like to see. For example, you can ask for trees and foliage to be painted in spring, summer  or fall colours or you could even have them painted with snow.  In the same way, sail boats, ski-jackets flowers and buildings can be can be painted  whatever colour you like.

We take particular pleasure in painting emblems
of dogs, cats, horses and other pets to match photographs. Just send us a picture of your pet showing the same side view that's shown on our emblem and we'll copy it as closely as we can.




With proper care your sign should give you many years of pleasure.  But please remember that all paints fade or change colour over time in varying degrees depending on their pigments and on the environments to which they are exposed  - (e.g. the presence of direct or indirect sunlight, acid rain or exhaust emissions).

Generally speaking, you can expect the color 'green' to go darker over time.  Red is the least stable pigment and the most vulnerable to sunlight: it fades faster than any other colour. (If you have ever owned a red automobile you’ll know what we mean.) Black, blue and stone are the most stable colours.

You can do a lot to keep your sign looking good by washing it off occasionally with clean water, and then polishing it with a neutral furniture polish.




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