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Options and Accessories
All signs can be supplied with stainless steel eyehooks so that the sign can be suspended from some kind of crossbar.

The eyehooks are drilled into the top edge of the sign, at right angles to the front surface, so that the face of the sign is untouched. An additional charge applies for this option.



Double-sided signs
All signs can be made double-sided, with eyehooks inserted in the top surface so they can be suspended.

We do this by making  two complete signs, by hand, on thinner bases, and then we fuse the two faces together. Since each face is made separately, the designs do not have to be identical. Please ask your retailer for pricing.



More than one emblem
It is possible to fit two emblems side by side on a 15" oval sign, and it is usually possible to do the same thing on a 14" oblong sign, but  this depends  on the shapes of the emblems you choose.  .

Please note, however,  that emblems are generally only available facing the way they are shown in our catalogue: they cannot be reversed. This means that the two emblems you want won't necessarily be able to face one another. Please check the pictures before ordering.

There is one exception to this rule.  Because of their popularity, all 'dog' breeds are available facing in both directions, so you can always put any two dog breeds facing one another.

However, please keep in mind that all of our emblems are designed to be roughly the same size, so if you put a Chihuahua emblem and a Great Dane emblem side by side, the dogs will appear to be the same size(!).  If you have any concerns about the way your sign will look , please ask your retailer for advice.  

An additional charge is made for the second emblem.




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