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      " Are we happy with our sign
     or what !"
Mrs H.G. Oakville, ON


One of the nicest things about working in this business is the fact  that so many of our customers take the trouble to write and tell us how much they like the signs we've made for them. Here is a sampling of the emails we've been very happy to receive:

" We've just opened the sign and we can't wait to put it up. It's beautiful"
                - Ms. M. H., Oakland, New Jersey
"The Airedale looks exactly like our dog!  Thank you for painting it so accurately."
                - Mrs. M. L., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

"The signs are even nicer than we expected. Thank you very much for all the extra effort"
                 - Ms. E. R., Geneva, Switzerland

"Please could you let me have some of your flyers? So many people are asking me where I got it from."
                - Mr. D. L., Toronto, Ontario

"I've been looking all over for a sign like this: it's the best quality I've ever seen. The modeling on the emblem is really excellent"
                - Ms. J. K., Cape Town, South Africa

"My father and mother loved the sign. It was a perfect gift. Thank you so much."
               - Ms H. A., Cologne, Germany.

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