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  "These signs
   bring new
   into our store!"


     Kimberly and Glenn English
     "A Country Mile" 
      Milton, ON


Dealership Inquiries
Appleby Signs do well in owner-operated gift shops, pet stores, nature stores, picture framers and other kinds of  personal-service oriented businesses.

The signs are profitable, easy to sell, and you don't have to buy any inventory : your only investment in this product line is your initial purchase of the display.

You become the exclusive retailer of this product line in your local trading area and we support you with excellent point of sale materials and service.  Kimberly and Glenn English, owners of  "A Country Mile'  in Milton, Ontario, explain:
  " The Appleby Signs display board attracts a lot of attention.
As soon as we put it outside our store, new customers - as well as our existing ones - come in to ask for more information. And then they take a look around and usually buy something else as well.  So now we're not just selling Appleby Signs - we're selling more of our other stock as well."

For more information, please contact us at 1 800 207 9687 or send us an email at .


Displays like this are proven to bring new customers inside your store

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