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The Signs

1. What are the signs made of?
The base plate, numbers, lettering and contoured edges are carved in one piece from solid PVC-type material. The low-relief emblems are cast in resin and fused to the base. Signs are lighter than wood or metal but equally durable and cannot rust or crack.

2. How are they made?
Each sign is individually composed from the elements you choose. The design, casting, ‘fettling’, finishing and painting are all done by professional craftsmen and women, working by hand. The sign is covered with two coats of special rust-proof marine paint: the letters, numbers and trim are painted individually by hand (not simply brushed on with a roller), and the emblems are painted, just like a picture, from a palette of signwriters’ enamel paints.


3. How are they mounted?
Signs come complete with screws, plugs and installation instructions. The signs can be mounted onto wood, masonry or aluminum siding. Holes are normally drilled at each side of the sign.

4. Can I change the position of the screw holes?
Yes, let us know how you want them. For example; If you want to attach your sign to a tree or a vertical post  we'll be happy to align the screw holes vertically.

5. Can I mount the sign on a rock?
Yes.  In this case we simply leave the sign plain, without any screw holes or mounting attachments on it ,  and you stick the sign directly to the rock with an industrial glue or silicon adhesive. However, you'll have to smooth the rock-face first so that the sign will lie flat. You can do this either by grinding the surface down, or by building it up to an even level  by adding a 'scrim'  of some kind of filling compound. Your local hardware supplier should be able to advise you on the materials you'll need.

6 Can I suspend my sign from a crossbar?
Yes. Instead of drilling holes through the front surface we can cast two stainless steel eyelets into the top of the sign so that it can hang freely from two chains. An extra charge applies.

7. Can you make double-sided signs?
Yes, but our manufacturing process requires that  we make two unique signs, then fuse them both together and finish them by hand. So it costs us a little more than twice as much to produce. Please check with your retailer for pricing.


8. Can you paint a ‘dog’ emblem to match a photo of my pet?
Yes - for no additional charge! Just supply us with a photograph or drawing that shows the same side of your dog (or cat, or horse) as the picture on our website. (Remember that we can’t deduce what a side view looks like from a picture of the animal’s head!) Similarly, if you want us to paint any other emblem to match a particular colour or colours, just let us know.

9. Will the colors ever fade or change?
Yes. Please remember that all paints fade or change color over time in varying degrees depending on the pigments and the environments to which they are exposed ( eg the presence of direct or indirect sunlight, acid rain or exhaust emissions).

Generally speaking, you can expect the colour green to go darker over time, and the red to go lighter.( Red is the least stable pigment and most vulnerable to sunlight. If you have ever owned a red automobile you’ll know what we mean.) Black, blue and stone are the most stable.

You can do a lot to keep your sign looking good by washing it off occasionally with clean water, and then polishing it with a neutral furniture polish.


10. Can I have two dogs facing each another on the same sign?
Yes. All our dogs are available facing either left or right, so any two dogs can be made to face one another. There is enough room to put two dogs on the 15” oval sign, and some dogs – but not all of them – will fit on the 14” signs. Please check before ordering. An extra charge applies for a second emblem.

11. Can you put any two emblems facing each another on the same sign?
No. Each emblem has been sculpted individually and, with very few exceptions, ( such as the dogs),  an emblem only exists the way it’s shown on this website.

12. If the emblem I’m looking for isn’t in your catalogue will you make it for me?
Send us a reference and we’ll be happy to give you a quote. It may even be a design we are already working on.

13. Do you do custom designs, like corporate logos?
Sometimes, but not all graphics lend themselves to reproduction in this medium. In particular, individual typefaces cannot be reproduced, nor can we easily reproduce small, complex, designs such as heraldic shields. Please call and ask. If it’s physically possible to make it we’ll be happy to give you a quote.


14. Can I have different type-faces and ‘lower case’ letters?
Sorry, we don't offer this as a general rule, but if you have a particular need to do this, please call us and discuss.  


15. Is there a discount if I order more than one sign?
Yes, we offer a discount if  you order more than 5 signs at a time. We're also happy to quote on larger contracts to produce 'number signs'  or  decorative signs with specially designed logos  for small housing estates or special residential developments. Please ask your retailer for a quote.

Shipping and Delivery

16. How long do you take to deliver?
We aim to deliver to most mainland North American destinations between three and five weeks from the time we receive your order. International deliveries take longer. At times of peak demand, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, we publish specific “order by’ dates for guaranteed delivery to all areas.

17. How are the signs shipped?
They’re packed in specially-designed cardboard boxes with Styrofoam padding, and we ship successfully in this way all round the world.

For deliveries within Canada and the United States we normally use couriers. For overseas shipments we use small parcel airmail.  Expedited delivery can be arranged on request.

18. Can you ship to my home?
Yes. We can send signs direct to any residential or business address, anywhere in the world. Since couriers need a signature to confirm receipt, it’s best to provide an address where you know someone will be available at all times during normal business hours. A business address is preferable.

19. Do you do rush orders?
No!   We cannot speed up the processes involved in making a sign, but we can sometimes juggle the production/shipping schedule to meet a specific due date. Much depends on where the sign has to get to. If you need your sign within our regular 5-week delivery time, please ask your retailer to call us before you send the order. We will tell you immediately if we can do it. But please, do not write “rush” and hope for the best. We need a specific date to work to, and this must be arranged in advance.


20. What is your guarantee?
Our signs are guaranteed indefinitely for workmanship but they are not guaranteed for colour fastness, or against breakage or abrasion. In other words - please don’t drop your sign or scrape the surface of it while you’re putting it up! Once installed, however, your sign should last for years. To keep it looking good, just wash it off occasionally with clean water or wipe it with a neutral furniture wax.

21. What if I don’t like the sign when I get it?
It’s almost never happened, but if we can’t fix the problem to your satisfaction, we’ll take the sign back and refund your money.

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